Monday, December 7, 2009

25 Days of Christmas make up Days 4, 5 and 6

Ok I now feel like a huge failure. I didn’t just miss one or two days of my holiday cheer inducing 25 days of Christmas I missed three whole days. Perhaps the lack of holiday cheer is the reason for the funk I have been in. Well probably not but perhaps it is a contributing factor. Well because I am a such a super slacker I will use today as make up day and give you a whole collection of goodies that are sure to bring you warm and fuzzy feelings.

The days have gotten cold here in the bay and the nights are even colder. So I am on a constant search to find thing to warm me on me treks to the office and playtime at the park.

The first thing on me list today is a beautiful versatile set of arm warmers from xmittens on etsy

I don't know about you but I am always in the market for a pair of arm warmers (obviously, this is the second time I have featured them in my 25 days of Christmas) but these ones are extra awesome because of their versatility. They are long so if you are hooked on three quarter length jackets and cardigans as I am you can just slip on these bad boys and still get the full coverage warmth you need on winter days. My other reason for needing a pair of these is for tattoo coverage. I am an inked up girl that works in an office where things like that aren't really supposed to show. I think these would be a nice alternative to the long sleeved cardigans that have become my daily uniform.

Next up for today is lizarietz. This shop is amazing and one I been drooling over for way too long. lizarietz makes the most beautiful and amazing cloche hats I have seen. If you look at this shop and don't want at least five of these things well, I don't know if I can be your friend. Here is my favorite one today

I have been telling myself for the past 2 years that I am going to buy one. Why I don't have one is beyond me.

Over the past couple of months I have found a lot of comfort in hoodies. They have become something of a security blanket for me. If I am able to I am wearing one of my many hoodies.
I recently discovered an etsy shop blackmarketbaby that make this amazing asymmetrical hoodie

I am just in love with the over sized hood and cut and construction just looks amazing.

Alrighty, that is all I have for now I will be back later on this evening with another item for day 7 of my 25 days of Christmas.


Littleclouds said...

I love that jumper and I think you should show off your ink! I love tattoos on arms :D

andrea creates said...

I love that hat :)