Wednesday, December 2, 2009

25 days of Christmas day 2

I am a sucker for pockets. Pockets are always a good thing. They give you a place to store all your daily essentials like you ipod or cellphone maybe even some lip gloss. Whenever I happen to dress myself in an outfit without pockets I feel as the world has been turned upside down. Extra pockets are always welcome as far as I am concerned. That is why for day 2 I would like to talk about PollyDanger. I am pretty sure that PollyDanger is an etsy shop that prides its self in making all that is handy. Of instance these amazing aprons.
I am pretty sure I need an apron. Just look at all those pockets. It is oh so handy. Just imagine all the things you can stick those pockets ready for you to grab whenever you may need them.
But don't you start thinking the handiness ends with this lovely pocket apron PollyDanger also has these super awesome Mini Fix Kits

and coupon organizers! Oh my Oh my.

All the super handy options just amaze me.


Kathy said...

My oh my is right!!!

andrea creates said...

ove aprons with pockets!they're great for craft shows too :)
cute stuff!!