Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sometimes It's the little things

Yesterday I spent my day in a total funk. This isn't something too unusual for me lately but yesterday was unusually bad. There was just an ickyness that hung in the air around me. I was so happy to get off of work at 5 but that funk just followed me home.
Recently when I have been feeling like this I head to the gym as fast as I can and work that ickyness right out of my body. But I guess I did that one too many times this weekend and my knee was screaming me about it.
So instead I went upstairs for some quite time on the computer. Eleanor Rigby immediately joined me and gave me the most wonderful cuddles and kisses.

Then I logged into my Etsy and found that my wallets had been included in not one but two beautiful green treasuries.

Thank you to Eleanor Rigby, TheEnchantedSquare and Tresijas for helping to make my day just a little bit better

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's still hard for me to chit chat. I don't know that chit chatting will ever be at to top of my list of ways to spend my time again but I have decided to start blogging again anyways.
I returned to work part time last week. I would probably have preferred to not return to work ever but I would rather work 3 days week now then have to stress about me rent will get paid in the future. So here I am. When the filing is done and the phone calls aren't coming in I think it would be better for me to do some bloggy chit chat than to sit in my sad gray cubicle with my own thoughts. I am still in my sad gray cubicle but at least my mind is working.
I don't have much prepared for today just the announcement of my return and I will throw in a couple of pictures of what makes me smile
My baby bay Miles

and my sweet baby kitty Eleanor Rigby