Friday, October 23, 2009

Things to do today:

- Get logo ready for Renegade
- Take pictures of new stuff
- List new items on etsy
- Sew, sew, sew
- Finger paint with Miles
- Wash fold and put away laundry
- Cut more owl pouches and wallets
- Keep my sanity...

We'll see how this goes

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Me and my sewing room

When you are a crafter living a small apartment you always dream of having an actual workspace. Maybe you are even so bold as to bream about a craft room. Oh my! A few months ago we were able to move into a house that has the perfect amount of space for all of our needs. This means that I finally have my very own sewing room. I have a room where I can keep everything in one place in a somewhat organized fashion.

My sewing room is the most perfect room in the whole house. It is actually a sunroom so it has two huge windows that overlook the fine city of Oakland and the freeway.

Some nights I like to sit in there with lights off and just watch the city lights and let me just tell you the sunsets I have seen from my little sewing are amazing.
But more important than anything else I finally have a place of my own to work in. I am not shoved into a corner a with my fabric and supplies hidding in every imaginable nook and cranny. I now have a space where I feel comfortable doing what I love to do and creating.

First show of the season

The Holiday season is upon us and while I dread this for many personal reasons I have decided to put all of my energy in doing shows and getting enough wallets and bags stock piled to get me through the season. My first show of the season was Union Design Festival which happened just about two weeks ago now. Despite the cold weather and the thin trickle of customers good times were had. This year I shared my booth with the lovely Michelle of Atomic Sweets and we were kept company by the beautiful Caitlin of Blue Ballad Design

I can't decide what I am doing here. I am either packing heat or stealing my own product.
Either way I am looking shady

Caitlin getting knitty at my table

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am going to admit the sad truth here. I am just not that into photography. Or maybe I should rephrase that and say that I just don't totally understand photography as much as other do. Don't get me wrong I enjoy and pretty picture or a well taken photograph but the honest truth is...I don't always get "it".
My room mate on the other hand loves photography. He works in a camera shop, has a whole army of new and vintage cameras and even has a tattoo of a holga. He loves photography like a love sewing.
A while back he was teaching a Holga class and as a way and a reason to get out of the house on a rainy Saturday I decided to take this class. I won't say that this class opened up my eyes and showed me the true magic of photography. No, that didn't really happen at all but I did learn the basics in operating a holga camera.
I have used the camera only a few times and only used up 2 rolls of film so far but I love the pictures I have taken with it. My roommate very kindly developed and scanned my last roll for me and I sort of fell in love with the images on it. I don't know that they would really be considered art but they have a lot of meaning for me because of their content.
These pictures were taken July 27, 2009. That date marked 5 months since the accident that took my older son from us. On this day we decided to take Miles and weed and water the tree that was planted in Zachary's memory at his school and I let Miles roam around his big brother's kindergarten play yard. It is so hard to do things with Miles that we did with Zach when he was this age but at the same time it seems so important. It is one of the few ways we can make sure that even though he isn't here Zachary is still part of Miles' life. So, I love these pictures because I feel in some way we brought our boys together that day.

New Fancy Labels

I decided a while ago that it was time to give my creations a more professional look with some super duper labels. The next challenge was figuring out what kind of labels I wanted and where I would get them. Instead of searching and researching I decided to make things easy on myself and just ask my sister where she had her labels made. So, that's what I did.
I bought these labels from Custom Couture Label Company on Etsy and I love them!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Union Design...

Is Union Design really only 11 days away?