Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hey, I made a dress.

A couple of years ago I was somehow inspired to make myself a dress. So I went to the fabric store and pick out a simple pattern and gathered up some vintage fabrics that I thought looked strangely nice together. I ever went as far as to cut out all the pieces. Then I folded them up and put them in a Ross bag and hid them under my sewing table to be forgotten about.
Recently I was digging around looking for some fabric and I unearthed this nearly forgotten unsewen dress. I thought it might be nice to actually make it so I pulled it out and put it on top of my sewing table where it would yell at me every time I looked in it's direction.

Eventually I took the pieces out of the bag. I had to cut it down a couple sizes (I have thankfully lost weight) and re-notch it and 2 days ago I actually sewed it. I was having a bad day and I wanted to make something that was just for me. So, I made myself a dress.
I had some trouble with it. For some reason the directions didn't tell me how to sew the front waist band and skirt together. Luckily I went to school for this and I was able to figure it out. Maybe that degree in fashion design is worth something after all?
Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I wasn't sure how I would like the fabrics together in something as large as a dress but I kinda of love the together. The only think I don't like is the width of the waist band. I think it would look better if it were a little more narrow. That could just be me and my wonky seam allowances though.

Now I just need to commit to a length and sew up the hem. That may take a couple more years though.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Wishes

This week I decided to try my hand with the treasury east on Etsy. I am pretty much in love with it. I like that its not flash based. Not that I have anything against flash but I can't view it at work or on my droid. So this new treasury gives me more ways to play.
For my very first treasury east I put together my Mother's Day wish list. After I finished I looked at it and realized I had pust together a beautiful Mother's Day outfit. Now someone just needs to buy it for me (wink wink)
Dress : clevernettle

If you would like to see the rest of my Mother's Day picks have a look here. I hope everyone has a wonderfull weekend and Mother's Day.