Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

It is now 2009 so I figure this is the best time to jump back into things. By things I mean actually cleaning up around the house, crafting regularly and actually updating my blog. I know, it has been a while but I have good excuses I swear. My first and possibly only excuse is this guy.

Yep, that is my new little. His name is Miles and he was born August 17, 2008. While he has added an amazing amount of happiness to my life he has also managed to completely fill every hole that my life may have had. Leaving me with little time or energy to do much else.
But it's new year now and I am ready to make some changes. I am ready to put down the TV remote a little more often and step away from the computer and actually get some sewing done.

To start me off I decided the first step would be to clean up my sewing table.

It's amazing to me what a slob I am some times.
Happy New Year and happy crafting!

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PineBlossoms said...

wow! it is like one of those organization shows on Discovery channel!