Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The making of an EP... cover

Recently I have had my head and my hands in other people's projects. Mainly my husband's. My husband is a musician and he likes to do things in the DIY fashion because well... it's just cooler like that.
His most recent project is a four song EP. I think the music is amazing and I am so proud of this work. When he was getting the packaging together he decided to do something extra special and beautiful because a new CD just isn't as fun unless there is beautiful and and fun packaging along with it. To accomplish this my husband enlisted me and our friend Chris to help with some screen printing and gocco goodness.

Ok I will stop talking about it now and just show you what we (I) did.
The first step in the process was screen printing (this screen was made by Chris) the map background.

After the maps were completed I then got into so gocco fun. We used 4 gocco screens on this project. It was a lot of fun playing with new things like goccoing a vintage family photo.

And sometimes while our covers were laid out across the living room floor our crazy cat would come and lay on them leaving kitty hair stuck in the ink. I guess that will just be an added bonus that further adds to the DIY feel.
Once the printing was done and dried we decided it would be a good idea to lure our friends over with the promise of paella and large pitcher of sangria.

Then we very tactfully tricked them into helping glue and stuff the CD cases

One person was working more on the sangria than the cases. At the end of the night we were left with a stack of 24 beautiful EP's for all to enjoy. If you are interested in pick up one of these lovely EP's for your own enjoyment stop my husband's etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5070046


J. Leigh Designz said...

They look great! And what a great way to sucker the friends on over!

Parallax said...

I agree, what a great project, they cases look wonderful.

i_amanacrobat said...

Chris isn't just a friend. He's a part of the band. An integral part, some might say. But that still didn't prevent him from drinking and talking on his cell phone while everyone else was hard at work. But he IS an only child. Go figure.

uniquecommodities said...

Great PHOTOS! What kind of camera do you have?

Petals said...

Thank you! I use a canon powershot SD850. It serves me well.

ArcadianDreams said...

They look gorgeous -- and getting your friends to help with sweet sweet paella was genius :D