Monday, July 21, 2008

The beginning of the beginning

I am afraid that my ability to crawl around on the floor to get new projects cut out is lost. I have been having some serious back pain the past few weeks that just keeps getting worse as my belly gets bigger.

Saturday I had the house to myself (something that never happens) while Frank and Zach were at a baseball game. It was my intention to sew all day and get some new projects started to be sewn for the rest of the week. Well I finished up 2 wallets and got out some fabric to start cutting some bags and I couldn't even sit on the floor for 10 minutes before my body started protesting. So I laid down on the couch on used my alone time for a nap instead.

But I still really want to sew! I wish I had planned better and gotten more stuff cut out before my body gave up on me. I have no problem with sitting in a chair at the sewing table. It's just the crawling around on the floor that kills me. I am thinking I can bring my ergonomic office chair out to the dinning room table and set up shop there for a bit. Hmmm...perhaps I will give that a try.

I still have things I want to get done so I am just not ready to give up yet.
Before the baby comes I would like to finish recovering my 2 living room chairs. I got one finished a couple weeks ago and it completely wiped me out. I also abused my poor fingers poking them with all the pins. I kept unknowingly bleed allover the pretty new fabric and then had to spot clean it out. Luckily I able to save it a get al the blood out. I am quite proud of how it turned since it was my first time recovering furniture. Now I just have to do the other one. I have it all cut out so it is just a matter of pinning the pieces together properly (which is a pain in the ass) and getting it sewn together.

I would also like to make a mobile to hang over the baby crib. I had planned to take the easy way out and buy one but I haven't found anything I like that is baby safe. I am thinking about making little stuffed robots and maybe some stars and stringing them up. Unless anyone knows of anything like that I can just buy for a reasonable price? But we'll see what my body allows me to do these next couple of weeks.

For now it is time for me to go find my bed. So I will leave you now with a picture of one of the wallets I managed to get finished during my alone time on Saturday and one that I did for a custom order. ENJOY!

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