Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An e-mail to my sister

Do you ever see people with ugly vintage coats in public and have the urge to cut up their coat?

I was just sitting next to a woman at the bart station in an ugly 80s full length herringbone trench. All I could think about was how I would cut it up and make like 5 bags out of the hugey thing. Is that strange?

There was also a guy that took my train in the mornings. I think he was attempting to dress professionally but it never worked out well for him. He would always wear grandpa wool blazers with dress pants that were always too short and never matched. I would always walk behind him a think of all the things I could make if I had the ability to cut up his wardrobe. Strange? Yes I think so.



PineBlossoms said...

I thought about blogging this myself! Certainly worth sharing the insanity. :)

kim* said...

it's either really warm or comfortable for both of them


they like the style.

hey whatever floats their boat as long as it isnt hurting them or anyone. :)

sorry if it hurt your eyes :P

Petals said...

He is cold here so I understand the need for tweed. I was more poking fun at myself and my crazy desires to cut up stranger's coats for crafting.

PineBlossoms said...

Yes! I often find myself eyeing peoples wardrobe as potential yardage.... Like, "That gentlemans coat would look awesome with that Amy Butler print I just bought on etsy" Rather than thinking hoe "dapper" the man looks in his coat!