Friday, January 23, 2009

Moving forward an making things better

I have been working on getting my etsy shop to look better for a while now. More specifically I have been working on taking better pictures. It's funny to look back at some of the first items I listed in my shop and see how horrible the pictures are. I think "Wow why did anybody buy that." Of course I am happy that my wonderful customers saw past my horrible photography skills and saw the true beauty in the items they purchased. While my picture taking abilities have gotten better I am always looking for ways to better improve them.
Recently I acquired a handy dandy light reflecting backdrop and I have been using it for my smaller items like wallets, toys, and pins. I am able to take great pictures with it. At least I think so...

But so far I have been at a loss as to how to take pictures of bags they don't fit on the lighting back ground that I have and honestly I want something more interesting for my bags. I have been interested in getting someone to model for me but most girls I know aren't willing to stand in front of a camera for me. When I do get someone willing to be my model I usually feel like a big doof behind the camera. I am never able to verbalize exactly what I want or need from the so the pictures never turn out quite right.

I was reading some articles in the Etsy Storque the other day and came upon this article

And I was inspired. I have a photographer friend! So I emailed my good friend Chris Dixon who is a photographer that is always willing to try stuff to get his portfolio beefed up. He has done some work for us in the past like these pictures from when I was pregnant with Miles

And he is always coming around and taking beautiful pictures of the kids. So anyway I e-mailed Chris and essentially said "Hey Chris lets use each other!" I will use him to get some good picks of my product and he will use me to broaden his portfolio.
He responded to me with excitement about this and finding models. So now we are both excited to move forward. And if you are in the Bay Area and interested in modeling purses and getting pretty pictures of yourself taken let me know. I can't really pay you but there may be a free wallet or something in it for you.

I guess this means I will have to get some bags made. I guess this also means I need to get a new sewing machine ASAP!

Here's to moving for and getting better one step at a time.


jmassingham said...

I wanna plan a trip to the Bay are soon, so maybe we can get together. I don't think I would be a good model for you but I know my little monkey would do wonders with the toys! I will let you know when I get some plans in the works! You are a talented person and you are gonna do wonders! I can't wait!

kim* said...

oh my what a fun cute blog you have. great photos!