Thursday, April 24, 2008


8 Days.....That's all I have left before Bazaar Bizarre. And gosh darn it I am so freaking nervous. I have been sewing like crazy trying to get enough stuff together. I wish I had talken some time off before the show But I didn't and I am totally regretting it now. I may have to take a stress induced sick day next week sometime. There is just so much I need to do still. Let me list it here just so I can keep track
Need to get a sellers permit (ack!)
Need to buy bags
Need to gocco bags
Need to either buy or make price tags
Need to sew, sew, sew (I have this fear that I will never have enough merch)
Sign up for propay?
Get displays completed and ready
oh and .....
Get blood glucose testing done (has nothing to do with bazbiz but still has me stressed out a bit)
I think that's it. I hope that's it. I think I need to grow a second Jodie my poor pregnant self is spread way too thin. I will be happy when next month is over and I can breath once again.
Please send me kind words to ease my nerves.
8 Days.....that's all I have.


The Gigglepuss said...

i LOOOOOVE that tree purse. I hope you get all your sewing done in time for the bazbiz!

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