Thursday, April 3, 2008

Slow and steady wins the race?

I haven't posted anything in a while even though there has been more than enough going on. So, for that reason this post will probably be a bit of a ramble. Just warning before you get too invested here.

First of all Frank, Zach and I went and had an ultrasound last Thursday. We were all extremely excited to see the baby and find out if it's a boy or a girl. Wittle baby had other plans for us though and made sure that it's private parts were completely hidden by it's umbilical cord and closed legs. Tricky little bug. We had two people trying to figure it out for us. The first person was the tech and she said "It's most likely a girl". Then the doctor came in and said he was pretty sure it was a boy. So we are left not knowing. For now.

Frank and I are trying to take a no stress, no fight approach to this baby. So we haven't really discussed names yet. We were going to wait until we knew what is was that way we would only have to duke it out over one name. Eventually we will need figure it out though. I already have my heart set on two names. For a boy I really like the name Jonah. Frank mentioned that he liked the name a couple weeks ago and it kind of just stuck in my head. I really can't think of another boy's name that makes me happier. If it is a girl I really, really like the name Mirabelle and of course we would call her Mira for short. I just think it is the sweetest name ever but I am pretty sure Frank will have a problem with it. Maybe we could work out a deal of some kind.

Over the past week wittle baby has gotten quite active. Punching and kicking around in my stomach. The other night I thought I would test out some music on my belly and see what baby likes to listen to. I started out with Wilco and there wasn't too much interest there. Next I tried Zach's favorite band The Terrible Twos Still nothing so, I went for some Coltrane. Baby was totally down for the Jazz. Then Frank came over and decided he would impose his own tastes on our developing fetus and broke out with Rage Against the machine which made the baby so crazy I thought my uterus might explode and then went on to some Hieroglyphics. So if this baby comes out with any anger issues I told Frank I would place all blame on him.

I am slowly but steadily Preparing for Bazaar Bizarre. Frank and Zach went away last weekend so was left alone to sew and destroy our apartment without any distractions. I was hoping to get more done but it is hard to get a good grove going when you have to eat 50 times a day and sleep more than any one person should ever need to. But I did get quite a bit accomplished and I am really happy with every piece that I got finished.

I think my goal after this week will be to get one piece cut and at least one piece finished a day and that should leave me with enough to fill my table for 2 days....I hope.

This whole Bazarre bizarre thing has got me completely stressed out. I have never done a big show before so I have no idea what to expect. I don't know how much stuff I should bring, how many bags to order, how much change to bring, if it will be bad for sales not to have a credit card machine and holy crap I need a hair cut. All these thoughts keep popping into my head and putting me into a bit of a panic.
I know everything will be ok. I just need to stop over thinking the little things and work a great stock of goodies and that is what really matters.

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