Monday, April 14, 2008

I am amazed by how quickly I burn through things like interfacing and Velcro. I hate going to the fabric store so whenever I do I try to stock up on these two things and it just never seems to be enough. So today after I get off work I am making the trip once again to the fabric store to buy 2 things in abundance. Velcro and interfacing. Hopefully this time I will get enough to last me more than a could weeks

This weekend was beautiful. Hot but beautiful. So it was really hard for me to commit to something like sewing when the weather was telling me to head to the park for a picnic. I was a good girl though. Once again I neglected my family and kicked the boys out of the house on Saturday so I could get some sewing done. But it just turned into me sitting in the living room completely surrounded by fabric cutting away while watching season 1 of Desperate House Wives. I did get quite a bit cut ready for me to sew up but my hand is still sore from all that fun.

Sunday Morning Frank and I woke up and had breakfast at the thai temple. I had my usual vegetarian yellow curry and pad thai and Frank had his usual soup bowl. My food was super tasty as always but Frank was thoroughly annoyed that they raised their prices. I am guessing that is what we have to expect with the way the economy is going though. While walking back to the car we passed a yard sale where I found a spice rack that made the most fantastic display for my wallets. And for only $1 there was no way for me to pass it up.

From there we made our way up to Lawrence Hall of Science where we had some god educational fun. They have a pretty sweet Speed exhibit where I got to do some virtual skiing. We also made a stop animation Power Puff Girls movie that was more awesome than you could even imagine. After that we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and bubble blowing and I finally made my way back to my sewing table in the evening where I managed to finish up a couple more wallets.
Now the weekend is over and I am back at work where I should be busily pulling files for a meeting I have tomorrow.

So, I am off to pull some files!

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