Monday, June 28, 2010

Custom Orders

My first custom order didn't go so well. I had agreed to make a bag for a customer and, I just wasn't a big fan of her ideas for it. Regardless of me feelings on the style of the bag I made it and for some stupid reason didn't have the customer pay for the item upfront. After I finished the bag I contacted the customer and let her know it was finished and ready for her pay for. Sadly the customer dropped off the face of the earth and left me with what I felt was the ugliest thing I had ever made. It eventually sold (I guess there is a customer for everything) but it left me a little leery of doing future custom orders.

I have since started requesting payment upfront and I am much more honest with my custom order customers about what I feel comfortable doing style wise. Thankfully since that first horrible experience I have had many really good experiences with custom orders.

This weekend I finished a custom order that I was especially happy with. The only request the customer had was that I make her a wallet with red felt flowers on it. So I showed her some fabrics I thought would go well and made her this pretty little piece
I made and extra one with a yellow flower along with some other goodies I will start listing in my etsy shop this afternoon.

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Amber Von Felts said...

Its Darling! I have been there with "custom" stuff, in my case logos. I have drawn up several examples and converted a couple to illustrator files and the dude never called me back. Whatta waste of time! I'm glad you have figured out what works best for you!