Monday, April 12, 2010

A fun filled quilting weekend.

The fabric I ordered for my quilts arrived last week and due to bad weather I was able to put off the yard work I had halfway been planning on doing and worked on quilting instead. I cut out block boarders and even started piecing squares together on one of my quilts.
Of course, as soon as I put this bit out to admire Eleanor had to plop down on it.


PineBlossoms said...

it's so pretty!
i feel inspired!

Petals said...

I wasn't sure about the green. It kind of reminded me of an easter egg for a little bit. But the more I sew the more I like it.

Kathy said...

So GEORGOUS!!! I owuldnt have thought of the Easter egg until you said it...any other season of the year and we woudlnt have even gone there:)