Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As Promised

As promised I took some better pictures of the quilts today and I got a little more work done on them. And of course as soon as I laid the quilts out Eleanor felt the need to nap on them.
In an attempt to get her to move along I took and insane amount of pictures of her.
I had hoped that the beeping and flashy light the camera emitted would annoy her enough to leave.
It didn't work.
So here are the quilts with a kitty on top


Christopher And Tia said...

Oh that is GORGEOUS.

And um, does your cat have the same name as my daughter? Haha.

I have a quilt on my bed that my mom made for my 18th birthday, I think? Its my very favorite, and I'll never get rid of it. Quilts are kind of magical.

Petals said...

Thank you! With every little bit I get done I get a bit more excited about it. It has been a good process for me to work through.

Yes Eleanor does share a name with your Eleanor. My Eleanor's full name is Eleanor Rigby after the Beatles song.

Amber Von Felts said...

This is like a photo shoot of a kitty, with a quilt in the background. My cats are the same way! The quilt looks great spread out on the bed. The kitty is cute too!