Monday, January 4, 2010

The scrap quilting has begun!

One of the few things I promised myself I would do the this year is make a quilt. I even kinda planned things out for this event. For a while now I have been holding onto and hiding away Little bits of fabric and I did research!
I had decided that I would use 2 different blocks in my quilt. I love me a good pinwheel quilt

But it seemed like it would be a lot of work so I decided I would mix the pinwheel in with a simpler roman square quilt block

So I made myself some little patterns. I had decided to do 12 inch blocks since this is my first full sized quilt. I pressed out my fabrics and got to cutting. When I got a good sized pile of pieces cut out I decided it was time to test my quilting abilities.
It turns out my quilting abilities are pretty good but my math or maybe just my direction following abilities aren't so good. My pinwheel block came out to be a 12 inch square but my roman square block was only 9 inches. Apparently I was looking at the wrong measurements when I made my pattern piece for that one. Oops!

Here are my first 4 blocks

At this point I decided that I had cut too many pieces to scrap the roman square and I liked to way it turned out. So I came to the decision to make 2 quilts (yes I know I am nuts) at the same time. I will keep the pinwheel for myself and give the other as a super special surprise for someone.
We'll see how it all turns out but I am super excited and enjoying the process so far.


Nat said...

oh wow!!!! I love those!!!!!!! and yes, you are crazy to be making two quilts, but if it were me, i wouldnt be able to bear to scrap one or the other.. LOL.. so i dont blame you..

PineBlossoms said...

These are so freaking cool! I love that they have all this 70's stuff...and THEN all the cool Japanese vintage repro stuff!
Good Job Jodie!