Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unloved vintage place mats finally find a new life

Months and months ago while out thrift shopping I came across a set of beautiful doily place mats. I didn’t really have a purpose for them. I am not really the type to use place mats I don’t even think I had an actual dinning room table but I bought them. Needless to say the darn things sat a around for quite a while. They hid from view tucked under piles of other goodies I was attempting to hide. I think at one point I even tried to pawn off on my sister who refused them due to her already too large collection of vintage linens.

Finally after months of not knowing what to do with these stinking place mats and coming too close to the point of disliking them I was hit with inspiration. I knew someday they would make themselves useful. Here is what those silly place mats finally decided to be.


Chris said...

So so so so good dude. This came out so beautiful and original. Nice job Jobie!

PineBlossoms said...

I love it joBie! I am glad I refused them! They were really meant for you!

natalie said...

i love love love it!!