Thursday, October 22, 2009

Me and my sewing room

When you are a crafter living a small apartment you always dream of having an actual workspace. Maybe you are even so bold as to bream about a craft room. Oh my! A few months ago we were able to move into a house that has the perfect amount of space for all of our needs. This means that I finally have my very own sewing room. I have a room where I can keep everything in one place in a somewhat organized fashion.

My sewing room is the most perfect room in the whole house. It is actually a sunroom so it has two huge windows that overlook the fine city of Oakland and the freeway.

Some nights I like to sit in there with lights off and just watch the city lights and let me just tell you the sunsets I have seen from my little sewing are amazing.
But more important than anything else I finally have a place of my own to work in. I am not shoved into a corner a with my fabric and supplies hidding in every imaginable nook and cranny. I now have a space where I feel comfortable doing what I love to do and creating.


Kathy said...

WOW!!! SO Beauuutiful and so very organized!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see all the inspirations come to fruition :)

Littleclouds said...

very organised and BIG! I'm jealous, my studio is effectively a small wall.