Thursday, October 22, 2009

First show of the season

The Holiday season is upon us and while I dread this for many personal reasons I have decided to put all of my energy in doing shows and getting enough wallets and bags stock piled to get me through the season. My first show of the season was Union Design Festival which happened just about two weeks ago now. Despite the cold weather and the thin trickle of customers good times were had. This year I shared my booth with the lovely Michelle of Atomic Sweets and we were kept company by the beautiful Caitlin of Blue Ballad Design

I can't decide what I am doing here. I am either packing heat or stealing my own product.
Either way I am looking shady

Caitlin getting knitty at my table


Sarah D. said...

Napoleon Bonaparte? You could wear that look for Halloween.

PineBlossoms said...

It does look a bit chilly there! I can't get over how cool you are in those specs!
Your booth looks awesome...and I do think you need one of those stainless steel 60's dessert trays.

Wayne gets glasses not too! NOT FAIR!

Petals said...

Perhaps I am Napoleon?

Kathy said...

I am literally drooling over the wonderful things at your booth. WOW!!!

Littleclouds said...

You look like your elbowing an invisible person, a thief or annoying customer perhaps!