Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My new sewing room and fabric organization

Last week I was forced to take my sewing machine into the shop to get the timing worked out. Unable to get any sewing done for 1-2 week I decided to take on the task of organizing my fabric and finishing setting up my sewing room. 

A few months back I saw a blog where someone had wrapped their fabric on comic book boards making mini bolts of fabric. I loved the way it looked and how easy it was to view and organize all your fabric. I decided I needed mini bolts of fabric too. Of course I had to do it the hard way. Since we just moved we have a ton of boxes just hanging out in our garage so instead of buying actual comic book boards I decided to cut my own. Trust me my fingers are not happy about this decision and if I had to do it again I would just spend the money to buy them. After several days of cutting and wrapping I finally got all of my fabric wrapped onto little hand cut pieces of cardboard. Even after donating a huge bag of fabric to East Bay Depot I quickly ran out of room to display my mini bolts of fabric. After doing a little research online I went to target and picked up this shelf in a light wood color to match the furniture I already had. I managed to get all my fabric to fit with no room to spare. Yesterday I rearranged my furniture, hung up the rest of my pictures and finished decorating my little creative space. 

Here are a few pictures of my new favorite room.  

I love it so much! I can not wait to get my sewing machine home and actually work in here. 

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