Friday, September 10, 2010

Train Sewing

I put together this bag of sewing goodies last weekend to work on during our camping trip. I had a grand plans of sewing on the beach while enjoying the sun and the sound of the ocean. I did spend quite a bit of time on the beach enjoying the sun and sound of the ocean but it was far too windy to do any amount of productive sewing. So this poor little bag of supplies spent to weekend in the tent.

I am making up for lost productivity now though and toting this bag around with me on my daily commute. These days instead of playing Tetris and Bubble Bobble on my phone I am stitching away and somehow it is much more relaxing.

1 comment:

April said...

I am so not a sew-er. I would love to be... I have been working on an advent calendar since Christmas... and at this rate it may be another year before it's done.

I voluntarily took an F in Home Ec because I refused to do anymore sewing.