Thursday, September 23, 2010

I found you

I am really bad about losing things. Or maybe I should say I am really good at losing things? That makes me sound better right? Anyway, a few weeks ago I had a couple wallets that were almost finished and I decided to leave the finishing for the following day. The next day I sat down to sew and there was only on wallet. I finished the one I had and then embarked on a frantic search to find the missing one. I wanted to find it so bad I even cleaned my sewing room (amazing I know) but the wallet was no where to be found. After a couple of days of searching I gave up. I decided the lost wallet had either fallen into the trash never to be seen again or had been taken away by the cat (she likes to steal things from my sewing room).

The other day I was getting an order ready to go.  I opened up the suitcase I keep my finished wallets in and there hiding between it's finished friends was my missing wallet. I was so excited to have finally found it that I immediately sat down and finished it and I love it.

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