Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Commitment Phobic

My quilt productivity has completely stopped because for some reason I can not commit to what fabrics I want to use for the borders and back sides.
I originally wanted to make a quilt because I had this fabric that was very special to me.
Two years ago for my birthday Zachary insisted on buying me fabric for my gift. He knew that I loved to sew and he thought that would be the best gift ever. He was right. So Frank took him to the fabric store and let him pick out 2 pieces of fabric for me. He was so proud of himself and I was so proud of have amazingly thoughtful he was.
For months I thought and thought about how to use these fabrics. I knew I wanted to keep them but I knew that Zachary would want them to be used. I finally decided to make a quilt, a very special Zachary quilt. 
Now I am almost done sewing the blocks together I think I have like three left to do and now I  am left trying to figure out what to do with the boarder and the back side. I am going use what I have left of these two fabrics I just want to find  something that will tie them together better.
This is what I have in my shopping cart at
I am leaning towards the first one but I think I may just have to get them both and see which one looks better
in real life.
But there is still more trouble! As I mentioned in this post one quilt has turned into two.
And this one is giving me trouble. I think I want to make the main boarder and background colors yellow and brown but I can only find fabrics I like in yellow. Here is what I have picked out
I am thinking I can just fill it in with brown scraps that I have already but like I said I am unable to make a commitment.


Stacy said...

I love both of the second fabrics you posted. So pretty!!

Petals said...

Yeah, I think I am just going to bite the bullet and buys them. I have been going back and forth on this for way too long.

Nat said...

I am loving the first set.. I say buy all ! You can never go wrong with such pretty fabric.. You'll use it at some point :)

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I totally know what you mean . . . many of my projects are delayed due to my inability to decide on fabric.