Monday, February 8, 2010

Sluggishly getting back to work

I spent my spare time Friday working on and finishing up a few wallets that have been staring me down for a couple weeks. Now they are working on finding their way into the shop along with some other items I had stashed away. Here is a picture of everything I finished
I always feel so accomplished when i see it all laid out. It just makes me feel good inside. I then proceded to spend the rest of the weekend half heartedly attempting to get new projects started but in reality not really doing anything productive aside from making small messes of fabric around the house.

I have decided my recent lack of productivity is due to the cluttered and messy state of my bedroom and sewing room. It is so hard to word creativly when you are surrounded by mess. I think I will spend time this week getting my space organized and perhaps invest in a new babygate so that Miles no longer has the ability to wander from room to room leaving his own special trai of destruction.

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