Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sometimes It's the little things

Yesterday I spent my day in a total funk. This isn't something too unusual for me lately but yesterday was unusually bad. There was just an ickyness that hung in the air around me. I was so happy to get off of work at 5 but that funk just followed me home.
Recently when I have been feeling like this I head to the gym as fast as I can and work that ickyness right out of my body. But I guess I did that one too many times this weekend and my knee was screaming me about it.
So instead I went upstairs for some quite time on the computer. Eleanor Rigby immediately joined me and gave me the most wonderful cuddles and kisses.

Then I logged into my Etsy and found that my wallets had been included in not one but two beautiful green treasuries.

Thank you to Eleanor Rigby, TheEnchantedSquare and Tresijas for helping to make my day just a little bit better


Kathy said...

How fun! You are so talented--so great to see that acknowledged.

Sometimes there are things worth being sad about and "A sad face is good for the heart..." I am still mourning with you.

Congrats on your dedication to the gym! Way to make things work for you :)

PineBlossoms said...

Your blog is so pretty! And how nice to be featured in 2 treasuries. You make me want a kitty! Tiger knew when I needed cheering up too. I'm glad you're blogging again!