Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Season 2013

Apparently it is the holiday season once again. How did that happen so fast? The past few week I have been sewing non stop while finally catching up on Dexter. Only 3 more seasons left! 
This year I am excited to be participating in 2 great craft fairs but also a little stressed out getting everything ready. 
My collection of finished goodies is steadily growing.

 but there is always more to do. This is a little bit of what I am working on today. 
I have been working so hard that I killed my poor iron. 
I had to run out yesterday and buy this guy. Hopefully he can handle the abuse. 

If you are in the SF Bay area and you would like to see Petals live and in person I will be at the San Francisco Bazaar Holiday Show  on December 7th - 8th  and NightLife At The Academy on December 12th. Come out and say hi and get your holiday shopping done. 


Elizabeth N said...

I bought two wallets from you at the Bazaar Bizarre (one for a friend & one for myself) & LOVE mine. Do you have an Etsy store?

Petals said...

Yes! My etsy shop is