Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally working on our bedroom

Yesterday I finally got up the courage to start painting our bedroom.  For the past couple of months our bedroom has only been decorated by paint swatches and boxes of stuff that cant find a home until we actually paint.

The problem is that our bedroom has really high beautiful ceilings. Some might think that isn't really a problem but when you aren't really interested in hiring a professional and have to climb up a really tall rickety (its just makes a lot of noise when your on it) ladder to paint well, then it's a problem.

I bought the paint and borrowed a super tall extending ladder from my parents weeks ago so I was ready. My husband and I worked until 11:30 last night. By that point I was so tired and my back hurt so bad that I refused to move our bed so we we slept in the middle of the room. This is the scene to that I woke up to this morning.
Isn't my husband a cute sleeper. 
We have a little more than a wall to paint. Which will probably have to wait until tonight my son is in bed and then I can finally start decorating. Yay!

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ziazia said...

love the light and how tall the walls are!