Friday, September 23, 2011

My New Sewing Room!

Completed room number two!
My sewing room has sat unloved and pretty much a huge disaster since we moved in. This weekend I decided the time had come for me to get it cleaned up and looking awesome. So moved out the furniture, cracked open a couple of paint cans and with the company of Grey's Anatomy on netflix got to work. 
Today I finally fished hanging up pictures and finding places to stash my fabric and random crafting necessities. I am pretty much in love with this room now. I am not sure if it is because it is awesome or simply because it is done unlike almost every other room in the house. 
Here is a view of my sewing area from the door way.
The colors are a dark teal (it was called something ocean) and a very light purple.
I love all the colors on this wall.
Here is a bunch of my fabric and my chalkboard wall. 
The top of this shelf was a scratched up mess so I sanded it down and painted it the same teal as my accent wall.
and here is my button collection along with some family photos. 
There is another pretty wall that I couldn't manage to get a picture of due to the sun shinning right on it. I am sure a picture will make its way onto the blog in the future though. I am off to bask in the glory of my finished sewing room. 


Danielleorama said...

So awesome! I love the blue wall, time to get messy :D

Petals said...

Ha! I am afraid to start any projects because it's so nice to have it clean and beautiful.

Amber Von Felts said...

It is SEW beautiful! I wish I had my own house to do up. You are one lucky lady! :-)