Thursday, July 8, 2010

A weekend well spent

I am a little delayed in getting this post together about my 4th of July weekend so I will make it quick with more pictures than words.

For the long 4th of July weekend I had a few things on my list of needs to do
-Spend time with friends and family
-Make some yummy pies
-Spend time outdoors

Saturday was my pie day. We had decided to have and BBQ at the lake on Sunday so the husband and I spent a good portion of Saturday in the kitchen getting some good eats ready. I decided to make two pies, one apple and one berry pie. Everyone was very impressed with my apple peeling skills.

I have never really made fruit pies so I decided to save myself some drama and bought some premade pastry dough. That left me with the filling. I used this recipe for the apple pie. I was a little leery of the recipe for one reason, no cinnamon. I am not too sure how you have a perfect apple pie without cinnamon so I added some in along with a bit of nutmeg.

For the berry pie I used this recipe. Instead of just blue berries I added strawberries and black berries.

Both pies were so awesomely yummy all I want to do is make more.
Sunday was the big BBQ. The Boys got up early so we could get a good spot and good holiday fun and food was had by all that attended.
Chris brought his Polaroid camera and captured some awesome images of just about everyone.
On Monday we decided to have an adventure. So, we headed north and did some light hiking in Muir woods. I am pretty much in love with Muir woods. Frank and I went a couple weeks ago during our anniversary celebrating and I enjoyed it so much and I wanted to share it with Mile and our good friends. So I strapped Miles into his babyhawk and went for a walk in the trees.
Here is me and Miles at the end of our journey

Look he is still smiling.
We really had a wonderful weekend.


Amber Von Felts said...

OMIGOSH! Miles is SO BIG! You all look adorable. I just love polariods! I'm glad you had a good 4th, I hope all are well :-)

Christopher And Tia said...

Seriously though, your pies made me crazy. I would have never made mine had it not been for yours.

HOW CUTE ARE ALL OF THOSE POLAROIDS?! ...sorry, all caps were required.

Petals said...

Tia - I am happy to inspire yummy pie making where ever I can. I would really like to make some more soon. They were so good. Maybe I will make one that I don't have to share.