Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Making room

Recently I have been over whelmed by my craft supplies. Mainly my fabric collection. When you have three (soon to be four) people and a large cat in a two bedroom apartment there just isn't a lot of room for boxes, basket, drawers, big totes, little totes and suit cases of fabric that may or may not ever get used. I have a serious problem I am a fabric hoarder and I fear that it will soon swallow me up. I like to buy it and I like to keep it forever and ever. I even feel the need to keep fabric don't really like it too much anymore because I might like or need it for something in the future.
My goal is to have my life and apartment completely organized before my baby is born in August. I know this probably won't happen so I figured the least I could is to tackle my fabric problem. My first idea to solve this problem was to get a three bedroom apartment. So, I brought this idea to my husband who immediately asked "Why?" Me being the honest person that I am told him it would be nice if we could have an office / sewing room where I could have more room to sew and store all the masses of stuff that goes with sewing. My husband who likes to think of himself as a minimalist immediately said "If you need a bigger apartment to contain your stuff then you have too much stuff". I guess he could be right about that so now on to plan B which is simply to not have as much stuff. Last night I started plan B by going through a good portion of my fabric and purging what I know I will not use and let me tell you there is a whole bunch of it.

Now the next step will be organization. I need to find a way to store my fabrics so it isn't everywhere and it is easy to find when I wan some thing specific. I have no idea how I am going to accomplish this great task but I am open to ideas so let me know if you have any.


jewelstreet said...

Here's an idea I saw at the Etsy labs. Don't know if it work for you but maybe it will.

You know those milk crates? Stack them in a grid along a wall. Then roll your fabric up and lay them in the crate so you can see all the fabric. You'd be surprised at how much fabric you can store easily that way. I might have a pic somewhere if you're interested.

Petals said...

If you do have a pic I would love to see it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You can stack the milk crates on the piano.... Make your living room the music/sewing room.
Thans been my big solution... not the crates... just the room